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Engine 52

Engine 52.  Acquired in 2017 with assistance from FEMA utilizing the FEMA AFG.

Acquired via FEMA AFG in 2016-2017.  Engine 52 is a 2016 Kenworth commercial cab built by Deep South Fire Apparatus.  It is a tanker/pumper and primary for structure and vehicle fires.

Attack 51


Attack 51 is a 2003 Ford F-550 diesel built by KME.  This is a mini pumper and is the primary medical and rescue response vehicle.

Engine 53


Engine 53 is a 1992 Quality custom pumper.  It was acquired from Ocean City Wright FD in 2015.  It is primarily used as second due for fires and LZ support.

Engine 55


Engine 55 is an E-One custom pumper.  It was acquired from Valparaiso Fire Dept. in 2017.  It is primarily used to supplement Engine 52 and 53 for fires but can respond to other incidents as needed.

Chief Vehicle (Chief 51)


The Chief vehicle was acquired in 2018 from Destin Fire.  It is used for the chief of the department for calls for service and other needs as required.  

Deputy Chief Vehicle (Chief 52)


The Deputy Chief vehicle was donated to Almarante by the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office in 2014.